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Lesson plans are written according to our center's curriculum and standards as provided by Bright From the Start (GELDS). They are available for viewing through Preschool2me and are posted in each classroom weekly.  Parents receive daily email reports through the Preschool2me online program about their child's day including pictures, reminders, and other important information, such as diapering and meals. Discovery Point Suwanee features three different playgrounds which are divided appropriately by age groups. The playground just for infants and toddlers includes infant swings, push/riding toys, and a small playscape with slides. Artificial turf on our infant and preschool playgrounds ensures a safe, clean environment for the children. They love going outside when the weather is nice.  Parents love keeping clothes clean!

classroom highlights

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Infants: 6 weeks to 10 months old. 

Our infant room is a loving and welcoming environment.  Teachers often sing with the babies and provide sensory activities and crafts. They work with infants to accomplish essential milestones including fine motor, gross motor, social and emotional development. Parents value having a great line of communication with teachers about daily reports, requests, and advice. 


Beginners: 10 to 18 months old. 

Babies in our Beginner classroom are starting to communicate and interact with others using gestures and simple words. Our teachers provide affection and attention to our babies and expose them to new words and concepts like shapes and colors. Beginners are consistently working on walking, balancing, and grasping objects. This is the first classroom where children are learning a daily routine and transitions, like mealtimes and outdoor play. 


Explorers: 3 to 3 1/2 years old

In this classroom, teachers help children to finish and master potty training. Explorers are introduced to handwriting and enjoy learning to form the letters in their names. They work on transitioning times and how to move from center to center during free playtimes. Explorers become more independent in this class as they perform everyday tasks. Teachers create in-depth lesson plans weekly and enjoy creating fun art activities for our three-year-olds! Explorers attend Music, Spanish, Yoga, and Art classes once a week by visiting teachers.


Achievers: 3 to 4 years old, preparing for Pre-K


Our Achievers are showing independence and are excitedly preparing for Pre-K. They demonstrate self-direction, responsibility, and follow a daily routine.  Achievers work on important academic skills like alphabet knowledge, counting, recognizing and repeating patterns, and increasing vocabulary.  They are engaged in fine motor activities daily and practice using tools for writing and drawing. All children in this class participate in Enrichment Classes weekly (Yoga, STEM, Literacy, Spanish, & Art). Parents appreciate the variety of materials in the classroom and it's welcoming decor.  Ms. Gabby, the Lead teacher, always smiling and is positive and respectful towards her students. 

Achievers attend Music, Spanish, Yoga, and Art classes once a week by visiting teachers.

Playing with Animals

Toddlers: 18 to 24 months old.

Toddlers work on using words to communicate with teachers and peers. They begin showing some independence as they engage in circle time, help with organizing, transitioning from one activity to another, and during meal times. Toddler teachers work with children on important skills like introducing new vocabulary, colors, numbers, and letters. Our toddler parents appreciate the colorful and welcoming look of the classroom and the engaging lesson plans the teachers create. Toddlers become comfortable with the idea of using the potty in this classroom!


Early Learners: 2 to 3 years old

Early Learners are at a crucial age for gaining self-help skills (potty training), verbal communication, and social and emotional development. This classroom follows a daily schedule complete with large and small group times. This is the first classroom in which children participate in enrichment classes (STEM, Yoga, Literacy & Spanish) every week. Parents enjoy the organization, consistency and love teachers provide in this classroom. 



Accelerated Pre-K: 4 and 5 years old (must be 4 by September 1st.)

Our Accelerated Pre-K teachers recognize the need for Kindergarten readiness and create engaging lessons to work on important academic and social skills. Pre-K students go on monthly field trips. They attend Music, Spanish, Yoga, and Art 17classes once a week by visiting teachers. 

Lessons are created along with weekly themes and incorporate a variety of concepts. In literacy, students work on valuable skills like handwriting, phonological awareness, letter recognition, and early reading. Math skills like number recognition, adding, subtracting, identifying quantities and shapes are an important focus in this program. 

Accelerated Pre-K is particularly known for conducting fun science experiments and STEM activities, designed to encourage problem-solving skills and teamwork. 

Georgia Pre-K :

Here at Discovery Point Suwanee we get the young Pre -Kindergartners ready for school. We believe school readiness must be defined within the context of the nature of four-year-olds and how they learn. We believe it must be defined within the context of families and how they live. School readiness must be defined within the context of communities and the services they provide. 

Take a look at some of the exciting things that we have in store for young learners in the Suwanee area:

A child's readiness for school is when...

  • enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence toward learning is demonstrated,

  • feelings of both self and others are recognized,

  • social and interpersonal skills are emerging,

  • communication with others is effective,

  • early literacy skills are evident, and

  • a general knowledge about the world, things, places, events, and people have been acquired.

After School Program

Our Pre-K and school-aged children are placed in classrooms according to grade levels. Teachers work with these students on social skills to help them work together and solve problems. This is a structured and fun time as they complete homework, are engaged in activities and play in a relaxing environment after school.  Scholars also participate in enrichment classes such as Kids Tech Learning, Story Time Chess, Cursive Writing Course, and Spanish.

We serve students from Burnette, Riverside, Level Creek, Roberts, Sugar Hill, and Suwanee Elementary Schools. 

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